Certificate Design in CorelDraw, Simple and Easy Method, Download Source File.

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2022)

Certificate Design in CorelDraw, Simple and Easy Method, Download Source File.

Hello! Friends Welcome to www.vedantsri.net In this Project I am going to Teach you How To Create Certificate in CorelDraw. In this Project you can Learn How to Design Certificate in CorelDraw Application in Easy Method .

  • Press Windows + R in Keyboard.
  • To Open > Run Dialog Box.
  • Type coreldrw in Run Dialog Box > As a Run Command.
  • Click at OK.
  • Click at New Blank Document.
  • Fill all Information > Regarding Page.
  • Double Click at Rectangle Tool > From Tool Option.
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  • Draw a Rectangle at Page.
  • Press F10 > Ctrl + Q > Click at To Curve Option > To Convert in Curve.
  • Left Click at Bottom Corner of Rectangle > Click at To Curve > 2 nodes appear >like this.
  • Click at Nodes One by One > Give shape > Like this.
  • Click at Rectangle > Press Ctrl + D > to Duplicate Shape > Duplicate Rectangle > Set like this.
  • Select Rectangle > One by One > Change Color of Rectangle > From Color Palate > Like this.
  • Select Both Rectangle with Shift + Mouse Click > Click at Effect Menu > Click at Power Clip option > Click at Place Inside Container.
  • Something like this appear.
  • Draw a rectangle > Press F10 Shape Rectangle like this > Set like this > Select and Power Clip.
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  • Put LOGO on Certificate > Go to File Folder > Select Photo > Drag Photo to CorelDraw Application > Put at Page > like this.
  • Draw a Circle > For Outer Design > Select Circle > Increase Outline from here.
  • Change Color of Circle > Select LOGO and Outer Circle > Press Ctrl + G > To Group both.
  • Click at Text Tool > To type matter.
  • Click at Page > Type Institution Name.
  • Select Text > Change Font Style > From Font List > Increase or Decrease Size of Font From Font size.
  • Type Matter > Regarding Certificate like this.
  • Now Certificate is Ready

Created and Explained By Sakshi Rawat.

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