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Excel Shortcut Key List

New file Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Print Ctrl + P
Print preview Ctrl + F2
Close workbook Ctrl + W
Close Excel Ctrl + Q

Working with data
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste special Ctrl + Alt + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Find Ctrl + F
Find previous Ctrl + Shift + F4
Find next Shift + F4
Find and replace Ctrl + H

Moving within a workbook
Move right
Move left
Move up
Move down
Move right to next full cell Ctrl + →
Move left to next full cell Ctrl + ←
Move up to next full cell Ctrl + ↑
Move down to next full cell Ctrl + ↓
Move to beginning of row Home Fn
Move to last cell Ctrl + End Fn
Move to first cell Ctrl + Home Fn
Scroll right one screen Alt + PgDn Fn
Scroll left one screen Alt + PgUp Fn
Scroll up one screen PgUp Fn
Scroll down one screen PgDn Fn
End mode End Fn

Selecting cells
Go to cell Ctrl + G
Select all Ctrl + A
Select row Shift + Space
Select column Ctrl + Space
Select current region Ctrl + Shift + *
Select current array Ctrl + /
Select all precedents Ctrl + Shift + {
Select direct dependents Ctrl + ]
Select all dependents Ctrl + Shift + }
Select only visible cells Alt + ;
Add cell range to selection Shift + Click Shift + Click
Add one-off cells to selection Ctrl + Click
Move selection one column left Option + Tab
Move selection one column right Option + Shift + Tab
Toggle selection add mode Shift + F8 Fn
Clear selection Esc
Expand selection up full screen Shift + PgUp Fn + Shift +
Expand selection down full screen Shift + PgDn Fn + Shift +
Expand selection to beginning of row Shift + Home Fn + Shift +
Expand selection to first worksheet cell Ctrl + Shift + Home Fn + Control + Shift +
Expand selection to last worksheet cell Ctrl + Shift + End Fn + Control + Shift +
Toggle extend selection mode F8 Fn + F8
Select only cells with comments Ctrl + Shift + O Fn + Control + Shift + O
Select row differences Ctrl + \ Control + \
Select column differences Ctrl + Shift + | Select direct precedents Ctrl + [

Working with active cells
Only select active cell Shift + Backspace
Show active cell Ctrl + Backspace
Move active cell clockwise Ctrl + .
Move active cell down Enter Return
Move active cell up Shift + Enter
Move active cell right Tab
Move active cell left Shift + Tab

Editing formulas
Edit active cell F2
Cancel entry Esc
Delete to end of line Ctrl + Delete
New line within cell Alt + Enter

Excel Shortcut Key List

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Excel Shortcut Key List

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(Excel Shortcut Key List)

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(Excel Shortcut Key List)

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