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(Last Updated On: September 29, 2022)

Navratri Poster Design in CorelDraw, Easy and Effective, Download Source File.

Hello! Friends Welcome to www.vedantsri.net In this Project I am going to Teach you How To Design Navratri Poster in CorelDraw. In this Project you can Learn How to Design Navratri Poster in CorelDraw Application in Easy Method. You can also Download Practice File in this Post . So let’s Start this Project. Before Starting this Project I request you to Please Follow given below Steps to Learn Properly Step by step.

  • Press Windows + R in Run Dialog Box.
  • Type coreldrw in in Run Dialog Box > As a Run Command.
  • To Open CorelDraw Application.
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  • Click at OK.
  • Click at New Blank Document.
  • Fill all Information > Regarding New Document.
  • Click at OK.
  • Set Page Dimension.
  • Click at Rectangle Tool > From Tool Option.
  • Double Click at Rectangle.
  • Click at Page > Go to Color Palate > Select color from here.
  • Something like this Appear.
  • Click at 2D Point Line.
  • Draw One line > Press F10 > Click at this Corner > Press Left Click of Mouse > Select Option > To Curve.
  • Then Curve > like this.
  • Set like this > At Page.
  • Then Duplicate Line > With Ctrl + D > To Duplicate > and set like this.
  • Select Both Lines > Go to Effect Menu > Click at Power Clip Option > Click at Place inside Container.
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  • Click at Polygon Tool > Draw Polygon
  • Decrease Points > From Here.
  • Then Polygon > Convert into Triangle Shape.
  • Change Color > From Color palate > Duplicate Triangle > Change in Different Color > Set Like this.
  • Insert Devi Maa Picture > At page > From File Folder Like This.
  • Insert Light Lamps > From File Folder > In both Corner like this.
  • Insert Kalash > At page > like this.
  • Insert Bell > At Top Corners > Like this.
  • Click at Text Tool > From tool Option.
  • Type Matter > At Page > Like This
  • Insert LOGO of an Institution > Give Design in both Sides of logo.
  • Type Institution Name and Institution Site.
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  • Now Design is Ready.

Created and Explained by Sakshi Rawat