MS Excel I-card Macro Project-15 Video

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2021)

MS Excel I-Card Macro Project-15 Video

Set Photo Button Module VBA Coding

Public Sub SetPhoto()
Dim PicWtoHRatio As Single
Dim CellWtoHRatio As Single
With Selection
PicWtoHRatio = .Width / .Height
End With
With Selection. TopLeftCell
CellWtoHRatio = .Width / .Height
End With
Select Case PicWtoHRatio / CellWtoHRatio
Case Is > 1
With Selection
.Width = .TopLeftCell.Width
.Height = .Width / PicWtoHRatio
End With
Case Else
With Selection
.Height = .TopLeftCell.RowHeight
.Width = .Height * PicWtoHRatio
End With
End Select
With Selection
.Top = .TopLeftCell.Top
.Left = .TopLeftCell.Left
End With
Exit Sub
MsgBox"Select a Picture before Clicking on this Button."
End Sub

Designed I-Card Sample

Excel I-card Macro Project

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Excel I-card Macro Project

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