TallyPrime Online Test 2022

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2023)
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TallyPrime Online Test 2022

This is TallyPrime Online Test 2022 Related Latest Version of the Test Series. In this post, you will prepare yourself Questions with Answers related to TallyERP Accounting.

TallyPRIME Online Test 2022 VedantSri Varanasi

TallyPrime Online Test 2022

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Party Account Can be Created through?

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In General, the financial year shall be from?

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What are the two ledgers that are default provided by Tally?

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Which option is used to make changes in Created Company?

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Which accounting System is incomplete and Unscientific?

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Tally support _________ system of Accounting?

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Which menu is used to create a new ledger, groups, and Voucher types in Tally

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___________ is the Shortcut Key to quite/close/exit in Tally

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What is referred to as busying and selling of goods?

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What is the Shortcut Key for Configure in Tally Prime?

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Which Option is used to open a Company created in Tally Prime?

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Which option is used to move from one company to another when more than one companies are open

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_______ is the Shortcut Key to delete an item in Tally

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Which Step is followed to View Purchase Register?

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Which of the following equation is true for the balance Sheet?

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To Change the current Date from the Gateway of Tally press the_________ Key.

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Which option from a company Information Menu is selected to Create a New Company in Tally?

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How many Groups are Predefined in the Tally?

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What is the Shortcut Key for Post-Dated in Tally Prime?

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What is the Shortcut Key for Quit in Tally Prime?

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We can change the Company Information from?

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Pressing the ______ button in the Gateway of Tally opens company info in Tally

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What do you mean by the current date in Tally?

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Account Groups, Ledger, Budget and Scenario are Available under _____ in Tally

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Which option is used in Tally to Close Opened Company?

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